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TubePlay+ is an excellent app for listening to music online. The app gives you access to playlists that include the best and most appropriate songs for every situation. Plus, you can create your very own playlists and music library through a ‘like’ system that lets you pick all the songs that you like and listen to them whenever you want.

TubePlay+ has a very attractive and intuitive design and offers a great sound quality which makes it an amazing alternative to YouTube. Another great feature of this app is that you can export songs from YouTube so you can always listen to any song that you like.

Create playlists, save your favorite songs, access already created playlists and check out all the songs you’ve already listened to in case you forgot the name of an amazing song you’ve recently discovered.

If you absolutely love music, TubePlay+ is an excellent alternative for you. Enjoy the best songs and create your very own playlists.
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